Spell & the Gypsy Collective

With all these posts said and done, the time is ripe to apply all this to an actual business that is dominating the world of social media.

And what better business to analyze than the very business that got me started on my own social media journey? Without further ado, I introduce to you, Spell and the Gypsy Collective. An awe-inspiring clothing brand that brings out the dreamer in all of us. My hopes are that of even if you yourself are not an immediate fan, everyone will get something from this post. Whether it is a new favorite label, great social media accounts to follow or a more comprehensive understanding on how businesses leverage social media networks to enhance their success.


The Gypsy journey on social media 

My first encounter with Spell was through Tumblr, where a blogger had re-shared a picture of one of Spells early collections, instantly infatuated, I since have been following them on nearly every social media platform, and boy are they utilizing them all! They are currently active on;


Spell and the Gypsy Collective have even been accredited by The Exposure Co. to be one of the top 5 Australian brands nailing it at social media. It is easy to ascertain how they have gained this status of mastering social media as they build consumer relationships, generate new business opportunities, grow with social media and establish business processes and strategies around it. 

How Spell built their brand to consumer relationships

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that a coherent social media strategy is hugely beneficial in B2C communications (Li and Solis, 2010). Spell’s success reaching their consumers through using social technology is effectively shown in a recent article on their online marketing strategy. The business owners (Spelly and Lizzy) explain how social media is everything and that they have 

“never actually spent a cent on advertising or any external PR.”

That means that their sales are solely sourced from social media activity! This is largely down to their social business strategy where essentially their entire business focus is rooted in social media. The effectiveness of their social media strategy can be attributed to their approach which strongly reflects Cisco’s S.O.C.I.A.L approach to social media, in which I mentioned in Game of Social Media.

Capture j

Spell’s approach to social media is…

  • Scalable – where by everything that they do can be leveraged between their social media platforms. They share the same post through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and also generate new content for each. Constantly growing their presence. 
  • Open – in how they interact with their consumers, it’s always honest and real, also by sharing, posting, re-blogging and commenting generously they have created an online community.
  • Consistent – because every one of their posts adds value to their consumers and is aligned with their brand. Posts are always from the business owners in order to keep a personal connection with their consumers. 
  • Intuitive – as with their original gamble (and win) with Instagram, they are always looking for better social media applications to innovate and inspire, like Snapchat. They even were featured in a blog describing 5 reasons your business should be on snapchat because of their success with it. 
  • Active – as they post regularly, sometimes up to 3 times daily on instagram, and Spell has a team dedicated to  listening and replying to their consumers on all of their social media platforms.
  • Limitless – in their dealing with social media and forward thinking. They have moved onto the next level of social media by actually making it possible to purchase their product through instagram through an application called Foursquare!spel.JPG

Creating business with social media

Social media, as explained in View from the Wagon is largely beneficial to small businesses as it levels the playing field with big businesses. Infact, without social media it is possible that many SME’s would never have seen the light of day, including Spell and the Gypsy Collective. This is demonstrated below by TOPSHOP, a large business with a large marketing budget being outdone by Spell, a small start up, in Instagram followers.

This benefit doesn’t stop at exposure either. It enables scores of business by allowing SME’s (such as Spell’s) product to be seen. Spell generates new and existing business leads through a variety of ways, some are mentioned below, but not limited too:

  • Fashion bloggers and Celebrity sightings – due to spells unique product, when fashion bloggers and celebrities are seen wearing it (see images below), and then with those posts spreading like wildfire across the ‘social media-sphere’, Spell gains immediate exposure.
  • Blog, Facebook and Instagram campaigns / competitions –  such as giveaways or promotions. It gives them a chance to get their message to their target market without large financial (or any) investments. 
  • Collaborations – they participate in a partnership with other like minded businesses and each promote the other, gaining the customer base of the other business.

Creating business strategies and processes

My understanding after researching and being a follower of Spell for many years is that from the outset they implemented social media as their main business strategy, therefore the 6 stages of maturity (identified in Altimeter’s report) as their strategy developed was closely linked to the growth of the entire business.

They began their journey by listening to what their consumers wanted, then amplifying their online presence. The entire time they were engaging with their consumers on social platforms and establishing relationships. From there a natural social business strategy evolved where they have an authentic, lasting social philosophy in all areas of the business. 


Personal evaluation of Spell’s social media application

Evidently, my views on both Spell and the Gypsy Collective and their social media application in business is that of excellent. I believe they effectively utilize social media technology and applications in a way that is dedicated and engaging to their consumers and this in turn has led to the businesses success, where they are not only successful but enabled to compete with global brands.  

As always, please feel welcome to leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on this. 

– J



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