Hi all,

I am Jeannine and this blog is all for the practical implication of learnings from the paper Social Media Networks for Business, 157.240, in semester 1, 2016 at Massey University. Pretty cool concept to be able to get hands experience on whilst doing the paper!

Currently I am in my final semester of a Bachelor of Business Studies at Massey University Albany, majoring in marketing and minoring in management and entrepreneurship. This paper is one of two electives that I am doing (the other being Greek Mythology) to complete my degree and graduate in June. I’m stoked that I get to do a paper on social media as it’s a huge interest of mine and am very excited to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

After my studies I am grappling with whether I should pursue a job in the marketing industry or go and do some further travelling and try my hand at working overseas.

Between studying and work I love participating in social netball, windsurfing, skiing, going on roadies, hiking, reading, spending hours looking at pretty things on social media and spending quality time with my terrier, Toby, and incredibly energetic red tabby, Mango.

Looking forward to this journey through the realms of social media with you all,










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